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Parry Agro has tea plantation factories both in South and North-East India and between the two regions; the Company produces around 17 million kilograms of tea.

A pioneer in organic plantations, Parry Agroís Iyerpadi Estate has been certified organic by IMO, JAS (Organic Laws of Japan), NOP (Organic Laws of USA) and NPOP (Organic Laws of India). The Iyerpadi factory is also ISO 22000 and is FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organisation) Certified.

Three of Parry Agroís tea factories namely Mayura, Attikunna and Carolyn are certified for ISO 9001:2000. Mayura, one of the first CTC Tea factories thus certified, is also one of the first to have micro-processor based control and monitoring systems, reflecting the forward looking approach of the Management.

Not content with just the cultivation of tea, Parry Agro has been conducting extensive research on better cropping as well as processing aspects of tea at its NABL certified R&D facility for nearly a decade. It has also pioneered research on reversal of soil degradation using earthworms. Parry Agro, in collaboration with Sambalpur University, Orissa and Institut de Recheche pour le Development (IRD), has developed Earthworm FBO Technology called Fertilisation Bio Organique (FBO) Technology to improve the soil fertility of plantation crops. This technology is patented by IRD in France, China and Sri Lanka.

Through its initiatives in the various plantations, the Murugappa Group has proven that agriculture can be at the cutting edge.


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